Generals News · Behind Every Great General is a Great Mom; and Lee has a Great One

Mrs Cain and Some of Her Kids
Mrs Cain and Some of Her Kids

It’s hard enough to get a student-athlete to the ultimate point of receiving a scholarship to extend their academic and athletic careers.  Student-athlete’s families often do what they can but are experiencing the recruiting process for the first time.  For many it can be an overwhelming event, if they even know where to start.  Coaches are trying to deal with current day-to-day activities while being a go between for college coaches and their athletes.  Most families don’t understand that colleges aren’t just recruiting for this year but often three and four years down the road.

This is where the Fami-Lee has been fortunate enough to have a mom in house willing to accept the responsibility of adopting an entire athletic department and assisting the athletes in the recruitment process.  Mrs. Cain, mother to all, has literally taken the athletes by the hand and led them through the exciting times and consoled them through the rough spots.  The impressive part of Mrs. Cain’s approach is that she only allows the students to hold their head down for a moment and then she is looking for other avenues to satisfy the students-athlete’s needs.

Mrs. Cain has helped the D1 recruit just as often as the marginal recruit looking for the right fit.  She quickly pulls up lists of coaches of dozens of schools and before you know it she has the athlete cold-calling coaches, selling themselves as a fit for their program.  She doesn’t allow them to back off until they find success.

During the spring weeks of practice there were two and three coaches on campus at a time wanting to speak with numbers of athletes and coaches.  She quickly coordinated separate areas for the meetings and kept all parties feeling as if they were the most important person on campus.

The culmination of all of her efforts are student-athletes who know exactly where to go to get through the confusing recruiting process, their “mom”, our “mom”.  It is not unusual to find four or five athletes in the office asking about recruiting flights, itineraries for visits, and asking advice on when to dot an i or cross a t.

The culminating gift from Mrs. Cain to the student-athlete is a binder of all of the necessary paperwork they will need when they walk on their new campus.  It is covered with the school name, mascot, and students name.  Inside, divided by tabs, the student and school will find every essential piece of information the school will need to prepare the student-athlete for their first adventure outside of the Fami-Lee.  The student-athlete will not only be comfortable with the process but the new family will be impressed with their preparation.

Students Prepare for Prattville
Students Prepare for Prattville

Mrs. Cain can be seen at any and all events involving our students, smiling and giving support.  On top of all of her adopted duties she resurrected the Lee Pep Squad.  That is why on honors day there was no doubt that she would receive an award as the Support Personnel of the Year.  As with all of the Fami-Lee, Mrs. Cain also has a family at home.  We appreciate that they share their mom and wife with us.

As we know pats on the back are often the best we can expect in this business when excelling at our jobs.  While the banks may not cash the pats on the back, Mrs. Cain deserves the Fami-Lee’s true thank you and pat on the back for the concern and effort she has shown toward our student-athlete’s and athletic department.  A shining example of why it is another great day to be a General.