Generals News · APB (All Parents Bulletin) or PSA (Parent Service Announcement)

Attention all parents and community leaders, Lee has many exciting things happening and we are looking for everyone to get involved.  The students are back in the books and as the first three weeks progress reports have come the administration and faculty are excited with the results of their efforts.  Lee High School is looking for your help in many areas.  We are not looking for your money! (Okay we wouldn’t turn it down.)  We are looking for your time.

It is Lee’s belief that we need to place as many positive role models in front of our student body as possible.  This could be a parent, experienced or young alumni that have faced the real world, or community member that just wants to give back.  Everyone is an expert at something or at the very least has experienced life challenges and victories that they can share with our student body.  This may be one on one with a student in need, with a small group, or in a classroom.  Perhaps you might be interested in donating time to come in and assist with monitoring a lunch period, walking the halls and interacting with the students.
Melissa Macias, Arviett Brooks, PeRelle FarrowMaybe you would like to be more specific.  You can assist with the Arts or Science.  We would be excited for someone to assist in the office or clerical areas.  One area that is certainly in need of instruction is broadcasting as Lee is attempting to acquire the equipment and mentoring to establish the Generals Broadcasting Network.  The administration is looking forward to several activities that are already planned and will certainly entertain further suggestions.  If you are interested in volunteering time in any way, please click on the link below for an application.  We look forward to hearing from you.

IMG_0626Montgomery Public Schools are also interested in getting parents more involved.  They will be hosting their first Summit on October 1st, at Carver High School.  It is scheduled from 9:00 am until noon and will cover several topics that will aide in your students success.  In addition there will be door prizes available to those in attendance.  As above, there is a link below to a flyer explaining the MPS Summit.

Lee High School Volunteer Application

MPS Parent Flyer