Boys Junior Varsity Football, Boys Varsity Football · WELL – Sometimes the Ugly Guy Gets the Pretty Girl – Lee Beats Carver UGLY 46 – 41

Lee lost the kicking game, big time.  Lee lost the defensive game, big time.  Lee lost the offensive game by a bit.  Lee had enough laundry (yellow flags) thrown at them to sew together an impressive comforter.  Despite playing possibly the ugliest full game they have played in over a year, they ended up with the pretty girl, a 46 – 41 win.

Carver ran an amazing 75 plays, which kept the General offense on the sideline.  As has been the case the entire year, the Wolverines were so worried about Henry Ruggs III that Marquis Johnson ripped them for eight receptions for 111 yards and 3 touchdowns in the first half.  He literally could not be stopped.  Carver could not tackle him.  Then the one time they tested Ruggs III he returned a kickoff 98 yards for an apparent touchdown only to have a block in the back penalty called ten yards behind him.  Just one of the fourteen flags thrown against the Generals.

OK, I’m a homer…I bleed red and white…GO GENERALS!  Almost everyone knows this.  SO, how do they pick up a flag in the first half on a pass to Ruggs III but call defensive holding on us on a play that is taking place fifty yards away and had absolutely nothing to do with the play (same official involved with both calls…and on our side of the field!).  I agree that if we did indeed hold then penalize us.  But please keep it consistent throughout the game.  Similar to the block in the back called on Ruggs III kickoff return.  When the flag was thrown Ruggs had already passed the entire Carver team and was by himself.  Again, if we blocked in the back ten yards behind the ball carrier then throw the flag, but truthfully what are you doing looking ten yards behind the action?  Thanks for listening, I made it half way through the year without inserting a rant.

As tough as it was to watch our defense, the Generals seem to be a hit and miss group (pun intended).  We have an extremely high number of defensive plays that result in a loss of yards for the opponents but if we miss we miss big.  When, not if, the defense finds the consistency needed to be successful the Generals will be impossible to stop.  Geez, how much complaining can we do after a WIN?

Our newest team member and honorary captain, Angel, is 1 and 0 and has become and overnight hero to all of our team members.  Here is hoping that at this time next week we are whooping up another area win, a city championship, holding a Battle at the Bowl trophy,  and an honorary captain that is 2 and 0.