Generals News · Generals Run into Perfect Storm and it wasn’t Matthew…Auburn 40 Lee 32

If the Auburn coaches sat down and wrote the perfect plan to beat Lee they couldn’t have imagined a better plan than what unfolded Thursday night.  With 1:14 to go in the first quarter Lee’s high powered offense had yet to take a snap and was in a 10 – 0 hole that they could never dig out of on the way to a 40 – 32 defeat.  Lee had a grand total of three possessions in the first half.

The Tigers set the tone early by converting three 4th downs on their first possession.  In the end Auburn lined up their offense and ran the ball 55 out of 67 plays.  Each carry ate up minutes that Lee’s offense had to sit on the sideline.  While the Generals offense did what they do, gaining over 500 yards on the night, the flow was not what the fans were used to seeing.  The longer the game went the more dangerous the Lee offense appeared.  Auburn answered every punch with a counter punch.

If either team had a crowd problem on their buses they could have left their punters at home.  Neither team punted throughout the game…NONE.  Lee threw an interception and Auburn committed one fumble.  Some sportswriters are interested in unfounded or unsubstantiated information, maybe they could look up the last time two high school football teams played and neither team punted in the game.  They obviously have plenty of time on their hands.  If they are not interested maybe some “Saturday Morning” coaches can look into the last time it happened (that includes patrons on both sides of the field).  Coach, you don’t read the paper, internet, or even our own site…the above is on me and I’ll own it.

Congratulations Auburn on humbling a group that was definitely feeling a high.  As anyone who knows our coaching staff and players, they will take your effort and turn it into a positive.

Even on tough days, it is GREAT to be a General.