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Generals News · Life Begins as a Freshman!

Student-athletes and parents, please help the Lee athletic department help you.  Generals Athletic Director, Coach Rogers, has seen his department help Lee student-athletes receive over 7 million dollars in scholarships just from the 2017 class.  While this is certainly exciting for all involved it takes much more than athletic talent to achieve these kind of numbers.

Parents and students alike need to understand the importance of maintaining an excellent standing in the classroom both academic and attitude wise.  College recruiters never ask if a student can play, they have already seen the on field ability.  The first question every time is, “what kind of student are they?”  They will follow that up immediately by asking about grade point average and ACT / SAT scores.  Unfortunately many of our students wait until the fourth quarter of their senior year to try and “fix” three years of not paying attention to their studies.

Coaches are often put in a position of telling a coach that a player lacks the academics to attend their school.  By forgoing the importance of academics a student seriously limits their choices of schools that either may be interested in them or they are interested in.   You can find links to goals and needs for each year of school under the Generals HQ tab.  You can also access ACT / SAT by searching the for their respective home pages.  It is suggested that students begin taking these tests at the end of their tenth grade year.  Although the scores may not be what is expected it gives the student a starting point and they can be taken as often as they want.

A final area of concern is social media.  Just as an employer will investigate an employees social media activity, college coaches and scouts will do the same.  It has to be understood that these coaches careers depend on the student-athletes they recruit.  Social media accounts can have a determining factor on the opinion a coach may have of you.

Although the 2017 scholarship numbers were outstanding, the athletic department is looking at bigger and better outcomes.  Should you have any questions regarding your student-athletes career at Lee please do not hesitate to contact your coach, Mrs. Cain in the main office, or Coach Rogers.