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Generals News · Generals Blast Fairview on the Field But Loses the Most Dancers Contest

Our Fairview opponents had put their plan in place following last falls football season. Time for a coaching change. Looking far and wide the worthy football opponents found their answer a new coach and large dance team. In an interview following meeting his team for the first time he was quick to proclaim, “this is exciting, 20 seniors, 16 returning starters, really everything but attitude and small adjustments and all I have to do is roll the ball out and watch them go.” Appears rather confident for someone who at that point probably had not watched a minute of local game tape, got a feel for the city rivalries, and obviously based these thoughts on the old “eye test”. Time for glasses! (And a Lee employee to remove the green and gold and stick with the Lee gear).


The Generals rolled up a nice little 50 – 20 win on Fairview and that included some very sloppy special teams play helped by a little illegal kicking game action by the opponents (must be a technique some of that new coaching staff, that admin at Fairview felt was much needed, put in place) until the officials finally stepped up and put an end to jumping over the offensive line during the kicking game. Kaniaus Johnson accounted for 397 yards of the 522 yards Lee put up on the night. Johnson topped the night with 175 yards rushing on 15 carries and two touchdowns and 222 passing yards with one touchdown. Kevontae Ruggs was on the end of 148 of those receiving yards. His first reception and the ensuing hit HE put on the defensive back resulted in his next reception seeing the defensive backfield part like the Red Sea as he took it to the house. Taking a 29 – 20 lead in at the half, the officials had squashed Fairview Avenue’s most effective play, jumping over the center on special teams, and the best coaching staff in Alabama made a few minor defensive adjustments and the track meet was on. TT Murray added 43 rushing yards and two touchdowns and Pickett threw in 26 rushing yards and a touchdown. For an offense missing Huntley, Jr., Ruggs III, and “Bubba”, the Generals continue to put up impressive offensive numbers and they seem to add a little more each week. Big kudos to the offensive line that has enabled the “skilled” players to learn on a curve. I know some old fat men and one coach with a broken ankle who could hobble through some of the holes you open.


The defense placed a second half goose egg on the board, including an exciting and enthusiastic fourth quarter shutout by the defensive two’s and three’s. Chris Ware had a fumble recovery that he picked out of the air and rather quickly covered 80 yards for a defensive touchdown. Ware also added 9 tackles for the night. With exception of a double pass by Fairview the defense dropped hit after hit on the opposing offense and throughout the third quarter many of their “returning starters” were returning to the sideline. Other than the hits by Ware, Longmire, Hawkins, Johnson, DJ, and company the biggest two hits of the night might be the first reception by “Little” Ruggs who completely blew a defensive back up that may have thought they were playing two-handed touch and a block Ruggs threw in the third quarter on a running play that resulted in the defensive backs head being the first thing to hit the ground. He was out. Ten count!

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Not being around long, the last coach I heard mention that all they had to do was put on shorts, show up and just roll a ball out there only lasted a year. Here’s hoping the administration at Fairview have their man and a plan in place for what proves every year to be a very competitive city football season.
As for Lee, job well done. The Generals get a little extra rest on Ann Street before lining up against another city foe a week from Saturday. You know the school on the other side of I85 will be ready to rumble. Lets keep the machine rolling!