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Generals News · School to the South; Another Year Different Approach

 battle of the bowl

For the school on the other side of I85, it’s time for a return to the Battle of the Bowl.  If you recall Lee was coming off their worse performance of the year coming into our game last year.  The Generals were not shy in calling ourselves out and guaranteeing that our game with you would be different.


You were warned of the ridiculous offensive power that the Generals possessed.  You were warned that our defense was called out for a previous week performance that was the least exciting of the year.  You were informed that our coaches, players, administration, and student body were primed for another Battle of the Bowl showdown.

football image      VS   jd2

 Saturday, October 7, 2017 @ Cramton Bowl 7pm


As the southern school is surly aware, Lee has retooled and did much of it a week before the season started.  Players plugged in positions that they gladly accepted in the name of a team player.  Defense to offense, receiver to quarterback, inside to outside and vice-a-versa.  Last year’s offensive performance was predicted and true.  As stated, we are homers and biased, but honest in our evaluation.  You were so confident in the “inaccuracies” of our pregame account that you felt obligated to spend your hard-earned money and place our quotes on the front of your buses.  Although misspelled we understood your disbelief in our accuracy.  We really appreciated the red and white colors chosen for the posters.


Well with a fist full of players gone on to extend their student-athlete careers in college, all that can be guaranteed is that our coaching staff, “the best in Alabama”, has done their best to place players in the best positions to succeed.  You may, or may not, see the production that you faced last year but one thing can be quoted for your buses…the Lee Generals will give the other team on the other side of I85 of they have to offer.