Boys Junior Varsity Football, Boys Varsity Football · Coaching Matters; Lee Defeats the Other Green and Gold 44 -19

Okay, before we get to the game the Lee Famil-LEE wishes that at this time that all in the tri-county area are dry, safe, and with power.  That out of the way there has to be an admission.  This comes from years prior to the current coaching staff when (much like an Oklahoma team I dearly love) Lee would tend to lay an egg when things seemed so right.

This time last year when the team on the other side of I85 really believed that they were set to be the team helping the Generals fall from grace, they trolled this website for inspiration, hope, bulletin board information, hype, whatever you want to call it.  They were confident enough to spend their money on posters to adorn their buses so that Lee knew they were watching.  Their only problem is that the author of the article they thought so “offensive”, knew the offense that Lee was bringing to the bowl.

This coaching staff, while ever evolving, continues to reach the ultimate goal.  Put young student-athletes in a position that gives them the best chance of success.  What does that mean?  Trusting an offensive coach enough to move a career receiver to quarterback a mere week before the season starts.  Kaniaus’ growth has been seen week after week.  Throw a few young running backs behind an experienced offensive line, “the o-line should be up for Players of the Week awards for anyone listening”, move a college bound defensive end to receiver that the opposing defense has to honor and you have a running offensive that if dared will throw for 200 yards on you in a heartbeat.  For the other green and gold team in town, I cautiously tried to warn you in an earlier article.  It is an opinion that the only thing the coaches can say is that the offensive two’s have to get things together!  The second-string center needs a teacher that will allow extra work in the classroom.  Talk to the one…he’ll explain!  As for specifics, the best explanation probably comes from the man keeping the stats.  Kaniaus moves through the first half and doesn’t show as spectacular and you look at his stats and he has 99 yards rushing.  Chris Ware and Cam Longmire hang out on defense and lay out fifteen “hard” tackles between them in the first half.  TT kicks in his usual 50-yard punting average.  Before you know it, the score is 42 to 5 and the twos are getting another quarter of experience.

Pickett throws in 200+ yards of offense rushing and receiving, Kaniaus adds his own 200 and the game was well over before the rains could start.  The biggest let down of the week came from a believer that this was going to happen but was to apprehensive to let it out.  Because of circumstances, the Generals need to stretch this out so that certain people can maintain contact with a team that still has his heart.